A primary way that LENRGY provides services and seeks to realize the potential benefits of LENR is to support research in the field. Several kinds of support are undertaken, including preparing proposals for research funding, documenting previous research, and assisting in the evaluation of proposals for funding. LENRGY services in this area are based on Dr. Grimshaw’s in-depth familiarity with the LENR field. The services are underpinned by his engineering education and scientific and technical consulting services for environmental protection and cleanup. Examples are shown below. Click here for more information on these projects.

Documentation of Dr. Edmund Storms’ 29 Years of LENR Research

Dr. Grimshaw is assisting Dr. Edmund Storms with documentation of his extensive research career in the LENR field. Dr. Storms began his investigations within a few weeks after the 1989 LENR announcement while he was a research scientist at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Dr. Storms has been instrumental in making advances in experiments and explanation of LENR. The “Storms LENR Research Documentation Project’ is being conducted in three stages – materials collection, organization, and documentation.

LENR Research Proposals: Drs. Storms, Claytor, and Fowler

Prior to working with Dr. Storms to document his LENR research career, Dr. Grimshaw assisted Dr. Storms, Dr. Tom Claytor, and Dr. Malcolm Fowler – all retirees from Los Alamos National Laboratory – with preparation of a proposal for a new LENR laboratory to be located in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Beaudette’s “Why Cold Fusion Prevailed” – Assistance with Editing

Dr. Grimshaw assisted Jed Rothwell, author of the LENR-CANR website (one of the foremost online LENR resources), in converting a book that was published in hard copy into electronic form. Charles Beaudette’s “Excess Heat: Why Cold Fusion Prevailed” has been a principal resource for the LENR field since it was first published in 2000. Recognition for Dr. Grimshaw’s editing assistance was received from Jed Rothwell when he noted that the “job calls for a combination of tedious, rote secretarial labor, and extensive knowledge of cold fusion.”

National Instruments Assistance with LENR Evaluations

Dr. Grimshaw worked with National Instruments (NI) in evaluating various LENR technologies and investigators for potential research support. His work included evaluations of about 12 independent LENR organizations and entities. Dr. Grimshaw was requested to evaluate a LENR device built by Francesco Celani of Italy’s National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN).

(Assistance to NI for Defkalion evaluation and Dennis Letts’ electrolytic cell experiments is being added.)