Prior to his LENR involvement, Dr. Grimshaw had an extensive career in environmental management and consulting. He began his career with an undergraduate degree in geological engineering and post-graduate degrees in geology. He held many positions as an organization and project manager and performed services for a variety of clients.

Dr. Grimshaw worked for several of the most prominent environmental companies in the world and for The University of Texas at Austin (Bureau of Economic Geology). His projects included environmental baseline studies, preparing mitigation measures for adverse impacts, site investigations of spills and disposal sites, development of cleanup strategies for contaminated sites, and policy analysis for large-scale energy development in the western U.S. He gained experience with many types of energy facilities, including power plants, refineries, oil fields, pipelines, storage tanks, coal mines, and unconventional oil and gas production.

Technical and Policy Analysis for Regulation of Shale Gas and Oil Development

Before focusing on LENR, Dr. Grimshaw was co-principal investigator for three projects related to regulation of unconventional oil and gas development at the Energy Institute. One of the projects was an assessment of the overall outlook for unconventional natural gas and oil resources. Another project entailed developing the basis for science-based regulation of shale gas operations. The third project was an analysis of the hydrologic and environmental effects of shale gas development utilizing the Barnett Shale in Texas as a case study.

Senior Project Consultant for Shaw Environmental & Infrastructure

Dr. Grimshaw provided project management and technical advisory services for environmental and related programs. He provided environmental advisory services to the Presidency of Meteorology and the Environment (PME) of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). He also prepared project management plans for several large commercial clients, including McDonalds, AT&T, and Freeport McMoran, as well as the City of New Orleans and the South Florida Water Management District.

Associate Director for Environmental Programs, Bureau of Economic Geology

Dr. Grimshaw was responsible for management and program development for the environmental component of a 200-employee academic (geological) research organization at The University of Texas at Austin, the Bureau of Economic Geology. He successfully developed programs with federal and state agencies in support of their regulatory and research missions. These agencies included the U.S. DOE, U.S. EPA, U.S. AID, Railroad Commission of Texas, Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission (now TCEQ), Texas Department of Transportation, and Texas General Land Office. Dr. Grimshaw also accomplished international initiatives for Environmental Programs in Belize, Venezuela and on border with Mexico.

Environmental Geology Courses and Environmental Policy Lectures

As part of his services career, Dr. Grimshaw taught courses on environmental geology at Austin Community College. The courses were based on the fact that as the world’s population grows and expands, humans are placing a greater demand on earth resources. People are increasing the volume and extent of environmental pollution, encountering natural hazards more frequently, and causing a rapid change in the world’s climate. Consumers, voters, and decision-makers need to understand the scope and impact of these changes and the limitations that science and technology have in reducing their negative effects. Studying environmental geology provides a valuable perspective for this understanding. The courses comprised study of earth processes and natural hazards and their influence on the human environment.

In addition to teaching environmental geology, Dr. Grimshaw gave lectures on environmental policy at the LBJ School of Public Affairs. These lectures included a survey of the current environmental policy and regulation landscape, examination of the US policymaking framework, and overview of the history of environmental regulation development. The future of US environmental policy making was also discussed among the students.

Project and Organization Manager for Environmental Consulting Firms

During his environmental career, Dr. Grimshaw held many organization and project management positions in both private sector and academic settings. He held the position of office manager with profit-and-loss responsibility, and he was later director for organization development for companies acquired during a mergers and acquisitions initiative. He was project manager for many types of projects, including multidisciplinary environmental studies, site evaluation and cleanup of contaminated properties, and systems development for a major environmental company.

Dr. Grimshaw held several technical and management positions with a number of organizations, including: 1) Director of Texas Operations (RMT, Inc.); 2) Director, Program and Organization Development (Shaw Environmental & Infrastructure); 3) Program Director, Mergers & Acquisitions and Organization Development (International Technology Corporation); 4) Director, Professional Services (Shaw Beneco); Project Director, Enterprise System Development (International Technology Corporation); 5) General Manager, Austin Operations (International Technology Corporation); 6) Program Manager, Research & Engineering Operations (Radian Corporation); and 7) Technical Staff Manager, (Radian Corporation).

Education and Professional Organizations

Dr. Grimshaw received a BS degree in Geological Engineering from the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology and MA and PhD Degrees in Geology from University of Texas at Austin. After many years in the environmental field, he changed careers to energy policy, starting with a Master of Public Affairs degree at the LBJ School of Public Affairs. He maintains his interest in geology and is a Licensed Professional Geoscientist in Texas. He is also a Certified Professional Geologist at the American Institute of Professional Geologist.